This Wiki is intended for the students of POLS 209, "Dictatorships and Revolutions," first term of 2011, at Victoria University of Wellington.

Lecturer: Xavier Marquez
Lecture times: Tuesday and Thursday 1:10-3:00 PM
Venue: MacLaurin LT105 (Kelburn Campus)
Course blog:

A course outline is posted here.

If you wish to participate in this wiki, please e-mail the lecturer at or click the "join this wiki" button above.

How to use this wiki:

  • Adopt one of the existing pages (see the navigation menu on the left) and work on it during the term. this may involve researching the topic, adding material, rewriting other people's contributions (for clarity, etc.), adding visual and other resources (videos, charts, etc.)
  • Work on more than one of the existing pages during the term. You may find that you have some special insight on one of the themes discussed, but do not want to commit to working on it for the entire term; you may still contribute to any of the pages.
  • Participate in the discussion pages.
  • Add new pages with content related to the themes of the course, such as the pages on Chile under Pinochet and Hitler created by students in previous terms. (You may be working on a wiki page as your case study, for example).
  • Proofread, correct, clarify, or reformat other people's contributions. The wiki should be readable and useful to others!

Questions? E-mail me or come by my office.

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