The average level of democracy in independent countries of population greater than 500,000 people, as measured by the Polity2 measure in the Polity IV dataset of Marshall, Jaggers, and Gurr, in the world since the 19th century:

The percentage of independent countries that are democracies, according to the DD dataset of Cheibub, Vreeland, and Gandhi (2010), since 1946:

A map showing which countries were democratic in 2008, according to the DD dataset:

A map showing levels of democracy in 2009, according to the Polity IV dataset (polity2 score):

And in 2008:

Political change in the world, according to the DD dataset, with information on coups d'etat from Marshall and Marshall added:

A fuller visualization of regime change over time according to the DD dataset:

A visualization of political change over time according to the Polity dataset:

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